Don’t Retire to Expire

Guest Bob Bradshaw believes that it is very important to begin to understand that retirement is an extension of our lives and we should think just as much, about our activities in retirement, as we think about our financial lifespans.

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Perfect Baby Problems

Guests Selena Deloach, Devin Cunningham & baby Christian. This episode of DLTV reveals how the perfect baby became a mission of love that has cost his parents everything and how YOU can help!

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Financial Parent Academy

Guest Sheena Robinson is a leading financial parent consultant, transformational speaker, author and an entrepreneur, designed Financial Parent Academy to help parents in middle and low income communities learn how to raise up financial successful children.

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

This episode is about getting your zzzzs! Benefits of sleep, risks due to lack of sleep, and what you can do to help yourself get the rest you need. Find out what you can do without a prescription to help your sleep.

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Jasmine House Foundation

Guest Jasmine Durden, Founder, The Jasmine House Foundation, an outreach program that helps those who are in need. They depend on volunteers and donations to keep making a difference in there community. The vision for The Jasmine House is to open there own shelter for less fortunate families.

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