The Cry of Eternal Victory – Lesson 16

Many who do not believe in Jesus of Nazareth as the promised Messiah of the Old Testament Christian Bible and the Torah, believe that this cry, “It is finished!” of Jesus as He hung on the cross and as He gave up His Spirit, to be a cry of defeat. This cannot be farther from the truth. The truth is that to those who believe, the Spirit of GOD has revealed that it was The Cry of Eternal Victory. Paul shares this same perspective and says if it is otherwise, then Christians are the most miserable people with the Corinthian Church (1 Cor. 15) and should be pitied.

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Music History from a Gospel Legend

Today’s show has a twist as we celebrate Music History Month. We often focus and talk about the amazing impact that nonprofits have on humanity, today we continue with our focus but add to it the power music has to compliment (and even increase) that impact. Our guest today has sung with icons and is a Gospel legend herself, but most importantly she is my mother, Yvette Davis.

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The Cross: The Power of GOD – Lesson 15

Many say that the cross is where Jesus faced His demise. Those of us who believe understand that the cross is representative of the power of GOD’s WORD. The cross, to those who believe in Jesus as LORD and Savior, is the manifestation of the confidence we can have in what GOD has said in His WORD.

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10 Years as an Independent Agent for HealthMarkets providing Health benefits for individuals and small groups. Types of insurance, including: Health, Medicare, Life, Vision, Dental, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness and Long Term Care and Small Group.

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Women Leadership Network of Atlanta

Women Leadership network of Atlanta is the premiere professional development and business networking organization, which focuses on strengthening and further developing the leadership skills of women and young girls within the Metro Atlanta area and its surrounding communities, who are entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, young and seasoned corporate professionals.

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Tiers Free Academy

The Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation, Inc. is non-profit organization specializing in community development. The Foundation provides support in the areas of community outreach initiative such s ToysForTots as well as the Tiers Free Academy alternative diploma program.

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Who Is Jesus, Really? LORD and Savior – Lesson 14

Christians proclaim Jesus to be our LORD and Savior; however, many us do not fully understand what we are saying by this proclamation. In our continuing series study, Who Is Jesus, Really? the Spirit of GOD provides a clear understanding of what these titles mean and what they require of us as followers of Christ. Do our lives represent Jesus as our LORD and Savior? Let’s see what GOD’s WORD has to say regarding the answer to that.

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How Hip-Hop Gives Back

We know that music is good to our ears but did you know that HipHop, in particular, is good for our community. Through youth programs that define their F.A.M.E. pillars of Fundraising, Awareness, Mentoring and Education, Hip Hop Gives Back Foundation inspires change domestically and globally and we are blessed to have its co- founder here with us today, Konata Nicholson.

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Who Is Jesus, Really? I AM the True Vine – Lesson 13

In His seventh (7th) and final I AM statement, “I AM the True Vine,” Jesus again declares His deity. He then begins to explain His relationship to GOD, GOD’s relationship to Him, GOD’s relationship to people and Jesus’s relationship to people. People who are fruitful as well as people who are unfruitful. Fruitful in evidencing faith in Jesus as Savior and LORD.

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