Selecting a Mediator

What questions do you need to ask before hiring a mediator?
Don’t get stuck with a mediator you don’t want. Don’t use a mediator who might be harmful to your goals. In this show we will explore those questions you need to ask a mediator before hiring him or her.

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Guests Isaiah, now 10, and Elijah Pegues, 7, collaborated with their mother, host Yvette Pegues, on a children’s book called “My Mommy Had Brain Surgery and I’m Okay!”

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3 Ways to Get a Mediator Part 2

This two part series is designed to inform you of what to expect from a mediator, what you need to know to protect your rights, as well as mediator behavior you should never tolerate.

Three Ways to Get a Mediator – Part 2: Self Selected & Attorney Recommended

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Living Life Out Loud

Guest Norma Stanley is a disability marketing consultant, disability advocate, mother of an adult born with cerebral palsy, and an author, speaker, journalist, singer/songwriter and business owner.

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