The Plan of Salvation: I Will Stay In Line With GOD’s WORD Pt 3 – Lesson 28

The the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ is the gift of GOD to lost man. Accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and LORD is the first step in the process of salvation. There is the continual process of growing in the knowledge of GOD through the consistent study of His Word to know, understand and to do (live the life that Jesus died for us to live) what GOD has said in His Word.

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The Prince Firm

The Prince Firm, LLC is a general civil litigation law firm with a concentration on immigration and civil rights matters. The firm handles cases in magistrate, state, and federal courts throughout the state of Georgia.

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The Plan of Salvation: I Will Stay In Line With GOD’s WORD Pt. 1 – Lesson 26

Communicating with GOD through prayer is our privilege. GOD as our loving Father wants to have consistent, sincere, intimate private conversation with us. It is through prayer that we find the opportunity to share with GOD the deepest things of our heart; sometimes that no one else ever knows. It is a means by which GOD shares with us how to Stay In Line With GOD’s WORD – Communicate With GOD in Prayer.

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