That’s My Biz Season 5 - Domain Names, Matching Email, Web Hosting and Websites

Ladies of Favor, Inc.

Ladies of Favor, Inc. is a mentoring and empowerment agency established in 2007 in order to assist the lives of girls elementary through college by embracing spiritual guidance, promoting abstinence and purity, increasing self-esteem and building leadership and sisterhood.

Children Anointed, LLC

Children Anointed, LLC provides educational instruction and exceptional training for multi-faceted fields involving children and families. They provide CDA observation for individuals seeking a higher level of education. They believe in order for children to receive the best quality care, well informed and well trained professionals are a dire necessity.

Shatavia Elder

Shatavia is known for bringing transformative ideas and innovative solutions to the field of education. Globally she trains students, educators, and government leaders on how to effectively integrate principles of purpose, planning and leadership into their personal, corporate, and national spheres of influence.

Wise Eyes Designs, LLC

Wise Eyes Designs, LLC is an Atlanta based company that provides fashion services such as designing and styling, wedding accessories, and decoration services.

Possibilities Unlimited for Women

Possibilities Unlimited for Women is a venue that provides women globally to toot their own horns. The organization has quarterly sessions and annual events that provide education to their members.

One Bucket Nation

Terrell is an entrepreneur, wealth empowerment speaker, and author. Her book “One Bucket at a Time: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Wealth” was released December 2015 with great reviews from US Book of Reviews and readers.

Elelyon Cultural Solutions

Beryl F Hunter is a cultural strategist, curator at her company Elelyon Cultural Solutions LLC. She documents visual cultural historic traditions and individual collections for preservation.

Alkebulan, LLC

Alkebulan LLC, specializes in the distribution and retail sales of black owned and manufactured products & services.

Georgia Nurses Association

The Georgia Nurses Association is the representing organization for nurses in the state of Georgia. Under Marcus Downs’ leadership, the GNA has recaptured presence at the capitol and has garnered attention for legislative priorities.

Creative Services International, Inc.

Creative Services International’s experts have worked in the information technology, print and online/web industries for over 40 years. CSI’s founders have a proven track record in designing, implementing and integrating cost-effective, technical, computer network, web and print solutions to meet the challenging needs of today’s businesses.

Ignite Business Coaching

Ignite Business Coaching offers customized coaching & consulting for Solopreneurs. Their year long signature program provides support, accountability and a tool box of a wealth of knowledge of how to not just survive in your business, but THRIVE!

Legacy Listening

Dexter Kilgore is recognized within schools and prisons throughout the United States for mentoring, re-entry classes and leadership training. He is the Founder of Legacy Listening, LLC a mentoring, coaching and leadership business. Dexter mentors at risk boys in the Metro Atlanta area.

Lee Haney, 8-time Mr. Olympia

Lee Haney affectionately referred to as “Mr. Olympia”, the “trainer of champions” garnered his position in the Guinness Book of World Records at the young age of 24. Having coveted eight consecutive prizes for bodybuilding,

Eat Plants and Thrive

Vince Rountree with Eat Plants and Thrive creates and markets an on-line training program that helps clients with type 2 diabetes to reduce or get off medication by treating the cause of the disease with food.

Orange Wave Group

Orange Wave Group (formerly, Orange SMS) provides training and consulting in Digital Influence, New Media Marketing and Millenializing your Organization.

VanArt Designs

Nichols Matlock is the founder of VanArt Designs LLC, a creative artisan design company that brings a unique perspective to the world of concrete, infusing organic materials to create custom pieces that exhibits the softer side of concrete.

National Association of Professional Women

The NAPW is a non-profit organization designed to help educate and connect Professional Women and Entrepreneurs. The association hosts Business Networking Events and Meetings, Educational Platforms, Community Outreach, Professional Advancement & Development.

Barnum Creative Resources

Barnum Creative Resources (BCR), is a strategic graphic design company built on the principle that good design is smart design. They deliver solutions that provide long-lasting, emotional connections. From logos to complete branding, BCR will design an image that is smart, memorable and effective.

Nightlife Hair Wraps

Kathleen Collins Williams is the CEO, creator and designer of the Nightlife Hair Wrap, the fashionable, luxurious bedtime and exercise hair wrap for women. Nightlife Hair Wraps provide women with a luxurious and fashionable option for bedtime and exercise hair care and style maintenance.

Speaking Practically

Speaking Practically provides training, speaking, and coaching services that improve clients’ leadership and communications skills. we sponsor the leadership video blog/podcast Permission to Speak focused on helping Leaders who want their people to speak up, technology that facilitates connections, and results that serve an organization’s higher purpose.

Market Like A Queen

The main goal of the team with is to inspire, empower and partner with clients to stand out as industry leaders. They do this by first assessing each clients’ web marketing needs and then customizing a marketing plan for them.

Purposeful Design, LLC

Guest Kristen Stewart, Founder & CEO. Purposeful Design, LLC. Purposeful Design’s mission is to create an capture important events through unique gifts and presentations. “Capturing moments in time, through God’s purposeful design.”

Ignite Within

Guest Gladys Agwai. Ignite Within transforms its clients by moving them away from their fears to align with their highest purpose through the delivery of several programs, i.e., self-discovery, leadership values, transformative transitions and consulting.


Guest Suzette LeSane, ConnectedSphere Speaker Management Agency-a full service speaker management agency representing dynamic speakers across the county, specializing in speakers focused primarily on a variety of topics impacting women and girls across many industries.

Don’t Retire to Expire

Guest Bob Bradshaw believes that it is very important to begin to understand that retirement is an extension of our lives and we should think just as much, about our activities in retirement, as we think about our financial lifespans.

Financial Parent Academy

Guest Sheena Robinson is a leading financial parent consultant, transformational speaker, author and an entrepreneur, designed Financial Parent Academy to help parents in middle and low income communities learn how to raise up financial successful children.

Hydratherma Naturals

Saleemah & Willie Cartwright, Founders, Hydratherma Naturals, the only product in the market scientifically formulated with natural ingredients to provide your hair with the perfect balance of moisture and protein — the key to healthy, thicker, shiny, polished and longer hair.

Simply Ideal Solutions

Whether you’re an organization seeking to educate your employees, an entrepreneur desiring to increase your exposure, or at author looking to enhance your story and promote your image, guest Ann Thomas has the ideal solution for you.

Shynna Key, LLC

Guest Shynna Key, “The Financial Fanatic,” is the voice for Financial & Business Empowerment. Key offers many services underneath the financial umbrella. As an Author, Speaker, Financial & Business Empowerment Coach, she has tailored a powerful movement dedicated to empower you & the audience around the world to BUILD YOUR EMPIRE!

Drastic Steps Marketing

Guest Toni Harris Taylor, Owner, Drastic Steps Marketing. DSM helps their partners to grow their businesses by taking drastic steps in their online and offline marketing efforts. From networking to email marketing, success comes through relationships. DSM helps their clients to get known, get connected and get paid.

Right Thinking Counseling Services, LLC.

Guest Dr. Jacqueline Wright is a licensed professional counselor and teacher in the Body of Christ. The mission of Right Thinking Counseling Services, LLC is to teach people how to transform their minds so that they can change their lives. They offer individual and relationship counseling; personal growth seminars and classes; grief education seminars and support group training; and pastoral counseling training and consulting services.

The Law Offices of Rian N. Ervin

Attorney Rian Ervin and her team are dedicated to providing award-winning service to their clients. Their office represents clients in personal injury matters and juvenile representation. They take the time to research your situation completely and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring you get the successful outcome you deserve.

TB Consulting Group, LLC

Terrice is a Certified Etiquette/Protocol Expert with TB Consulting Group, LLC. Their goal is to educated individuals of all ages on the necessity of professional development/etiquette/basic life skills. These lessons are geared to help prepare young individuals for the professional world and help those who have already entered the professional world significantly improve their skills while climbing the ladder of success.

McNulty International, LLC

Guest Diamond McNulty is an Author, Executive Chef and Entrepreneur. He has traveled a road that many would have been apprehensive of, however being a man of faith, this young protege is on his way to changing the world as we see it today. McNulty International is the parent company for many visions and entrepreneurial ventures. From the Success Brand Book Series, Taste of Diamond Catering, Business Building, Videography and Photography to Motivational Speaking.

A Simplified Life

“A Simplified Life: How To Achieve Order and Calm so You Can Reclaim Time, Energy, and Control” by guest, Heather Rogers. Heather uses real life client stories (and Heather’s sense of humor) to help you understand the costs of disorganization and the benefits of getting and staying organized.

Linda Minnick Consulting

As a sales coach, guest Linda Minnick helps her clients with understanding the sales process, fine tuning their abilities and recognizing the power they have within themselves to be successful.

Baby Got Cake

Cakes and cheesecakes from Baby Got Cakes are decadent and when you taste them you will feel as though your grandmother made them. Guest Baby Lee-Carter developed 7 flavors, which in her religion the number 7 represents divine perfection or completion. And her cakes and cheesecakes are divine perfections.

Rose Garden Consulting

Guest Ali Mirza, CEO, Rose Garden Consulting. Rose Garden Consulting allows business owners and entrepreneurs to improve sales in Atlanta dramatically by either developing a targeted sales program and training their sales teams or by doing the selling for them.

Cicone Prince

Guest Cicone Prince is committed to sharing the most Relevant, Reliable and Refreshing Motivational information to help you be all that God made you to be… They are focused on providing Motivational solutions and services to customers around the world. Putting their clients’ interests first, they work hard to exceed your expectations.

Safe PC Solutions

Madinah Ali with Safe PC Solutions USA technical support team has over 20 years of experience providing reliable customer service for more than 100,000 customers worldwide. Their team of dedicated engineers specialize in data security, data back-up, anti-virus and security solutions which include IT infrastructure management, internet support, and email management.

Financial Growth Services

Guest Rolland (Rollie) George Riesberg, Owner of Financial Growth Services, calls himself a People Problem Engineer of Life. People problems are fixed by his christian books written for God and you. Financial problems are fixed by our “People-Problem Engineers of Life” and our Team of Professionals in all business fields of endeavor. In other words, all problems-of-life are covered and fixed by their various experts and professionals.

NKM Consulting Group, LLC

Nakia Melecio, CEO, NKM Consulting Group, LLC, is dedicated to organizational development, leadership, human capital and executive coaching.

Pinnacle Fitness Center

David Nash, Owner, Pinnacle Fitness Center, specializes in Weight Loss and Athletic Performance, and is most notably known for the Decatur Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge that they put on every February.

Say YES to Profits

Say YES to Profits mission is to end small business failure one entrepreneur at a time. CEO and founder Octavia Conner empowers, educate and guides business owners on how to properly use their money, keep more of it and make it work for them.

Master Christian Dog Training Academy

Guest Christian Tyler, Owner. Master Christian Dog Training Academy is a place where dogs and people learn how to communicate. First we train the dog, then we teach the family how to handle their newly trained companion.

GamePlan Learning

Guest Gene Eidelman, Owner. GamePlan™ is transforming the way businesses select, recruit and train employees by extending their corporate culture. They make available career preference and skills assessments for each applicant to determine their aptitude and qualifications.

BizLynks TV Network

BizLynks TV Network (BTVN) is an online video platform featuring dynamic programming designed to inform and educate entrepreneurs, small businesses, associations and nonprofits.

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