Walking With Jesus Today

The Cross: The Power of GOD – Lesson 15

Many say that the cross is where Jesus faced His demise. Those of us who believe understand that the cross is representative of the power of GOD’s WORD. The cross, to those who believe in Jesus as LORD and Savior, is the manifestation of the confidence we can have in what GOD has said in His WORD.

Jesus went to the cross with a knowing FAITH. A knowing FAITH is a faith that you do not have to wonder or suppose if what GOD has said will happen; but that what has been said by GOD, it will happen. It is a confidence in the fact that the outcome will be as GOD has declared to us that it will be. Therefore, we have no need to waver regarding our expected outcome; regardless of the circumstances we face, even unto death.

The cross is the manifestation of the Power of GOD to keep His WORD, even to raise the dead from the grave, and to provide the door to eternal life. Walk in the confidence in the Power of GOD to do what He has said in His WORD.