Walking with Jesus Today

The Plan of Salvation: I Will Stay In Line With GOD’s WORD Pt 2 – Lesson 27

Subtitle: Always Give GOD Thanks and Praise

Staying in line with GOD’s WORD is remaining in right standing with Him. It is living the abundant life that Jesus died for us to have. It is living righteously as credible witnesses of the power of a living GOD to change us from living a life of sin to living a righteous life unto GOD.

This gift of a righteous life from GOD through His Son, Jesus Christ, can be lived through the empowering Holy Spirit of GOD once we believe in Jesus as our Savior and LORD. Through the Holy Spirit’s illumination of the WORD of GOD to us:

1. We are taught who we are in the eyes of GOD; His children.

2. We understand the fullness of GOD’s demonstrated love through His Son Jesus.

3. We desire to please Him through obedience to His WORD.

4. We desire to continuously give Him thanks and praise.

Remain blessed of GOD always brothers and sisters as you continue to allow the Spirit of GOD to help you to stay in line with GOD’s WORD, as you continuously give GOD thanks and praise.