Walking with Jesus Today

The Plan of Salvation: I Will Stay In Line With GOD’s WORD Pt. 1 – Lesson 26

Subtitle: Communicate With GOD in Prayer

Communicating with GOD through prayer is our privilege. GOD as our loving Father wants to have consistent, sincere, intimate private conversation with us. It is through prayer that we find the opportunity to share with GOD the deepest things of our heart; sometimes that no one else ever knows. It is a means by which GOD shares with us how to Stay In Line With GOD’s WORD – Communicate With GOD in Prayer.

GOD wants us to be anxious and worried for nothing; but through our consistent prayer life with Him, He wants to give us the peace that only He can give us in the midst of a confused world. Take time to find a quiet place to meet with Him regularly, to share your thoughts of need, as well as to listen to what He wants to say.

Remain blessed of GOD always Brothers and Sisters as you continue to allow the Spirit of GOD to communicate to you the will of GOD through your prayers with Him.