Walking with Jesus Today

The Plan of Salvation: I Am Really Born Again Pt. 5 – Lesson 25

Subtitle: I Am Saved Regardless of How I Feel (Pt. 2)

The entire chapter of John 14 is Jesus devoting His attention to assuring and comforting His disciples to maintain their belief in Him as the Son of GOD, as the One Whom GOD has sent to redeem lost humanity to Himself, and more specifically to keep the disciples, those who believe in Him safe until His return to bring them to the Father.

The essence of John 14 is Jesus reminding His disciples to remember what He has taught them, and to know that He will provide a Comforter in the person of the Holy Spirit to remain with them, to live within them forever. Forever reminding them of what He has taught them, making clear what they have yet to understand regarding what He has taught, and to reveal to them the hidden things of GOD that have yet to be revealed.

In conclusion, Jesus commands, “Get up. Let’s go from here.” In short, I have told you all you need to know concerning what will take place when I leave so that you will remain confident and steadfast in your belief in me. So regardless of how you may feel from time to time due to the doubt that the enemy seeks to plant in your heart (your mind, your thoughts), know assuredly that you are saved by my death and resurrection power. I leave the Holy Spirit as a deposit, a down payment, assuring you that My WORD is good. So now, let’s be spiritually productive out there. “Get up. Let’s go from here.”

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, know without wavering that you are saved upon accepting the gift of GOD, Jesus Christ, as the sufficient payment for the penalty of your sins. Therefore, regardless of how we may feel, Jesus has saved us once and for all.

Remain blessed of our GOD always, as you walk with Jesus today.