Walking with Jesus Today

The Plan of Salvation: I Am Really Born Again Pt. 3 – Lesson 23

Subtitle: I Have Openly Confessed Jesus as LORD and Savior

It is when we, as Believers in Jesus, believe in hearts (our minds) that GOD raised Jesus from the dead for the payment of our sins, and when we confess to the world Jesus is now our LORD and personal Savior that we are immediately free of all guilt due to our sins committed. It is then, immediately, that we are accepted of GOD as sinless and we are spiritually reborn. Why are you still carrying the guild of your sins? Be reborn.

Be reborn by first, believing within your heart (mind) that GOD raised Jesus from the dead on your behalf, and as a result you are immediately justified, free of our guilt of sin, and accepted of GOD sinless.

Secondly, understand that your salvation through Jesus Christ comes as you openly confess with your mouth to the world Jesus as your LORD and personal Savior.

Thirdly, offer the WORDS of Jesus Christ to those who do not believe in Jesus as the answer to all life’s problems, and do not be afraid of the consequences. Jesus has your reward. Just faithfully confess Him before the world, He will confess you before GOD, our Heavenly Father.