Walking with Jesus Today

Plan of Salvation: I Am a Creation of GOD – Lesson 17

The Scriptures declare that before the foundations of the earth, GOD (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) prepared the plan of salvation. For people to clearly understand the significance of this great gift, we must understand, accept and believe that GOD is the Creator of humankind. Through His infinite wisdom and love for us, GOD desires to restore us to right relationship with Him by having His creation correctly understand Who He is in relation to us, and who we are in relation to Him. When we do, we can appreciate His plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus, by our complete submission to Him as our Creator Father.

If we accept the deception of evolutionary arguments that we are descendants from any other being than Elohim (Almighty GOD) Creator, we fail to realize the opportunity for salvation. In fact, this acceptance leads to the conclusion that there is no need for salvation. Salvation from what? If there are only unicellular origins to which we have to define our existence, there are no rules or standards by which we must live. We can live how we choose without any repercussions to the consequences.

However, because there is a Biblical perspective of GOD as the Creator of everything that is, was or will ever be, there are standards by which the Creator has provided His creation to live. When we are living contrary to His standards, we are out of right relationship with Him, and need to be restored. Hence, the need for salvation.

As believers in Jesus as the Christ Whom GOD sent, His Son, to redeem humankind to GOD the Father, we receive with humility the gift of salvation that restores us to right relation to our Father Creator GOD (Elohim). Confident in this faith, we joyfully share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus to the world, so that every human creation will have the opportunity of restoration to our Creator, Who has a purpose for His creation.

I offer to you, salvation from your sins that only Jesus the Son of GOD is able to provide you through His perfect life, His perfect death, His perfect resurrection, and His perfect soon return to redeem His creation to GOD the Father, eternally.

Will you accept Him today. If so, I’d like to pray with you, and encourage you to engage consistently with a Bible-believing and Bible-teaching church. Email me at Nash@WalkingWithJesusToday.com so that I can reach you by phone to pray with you.

Remain blessed of our GOD always as you walk with Jesus today.