Walking with Jesus Today

Who Is Jesus, Really? I AM the True Vine – Lesson 13

Jesus in His seventh (7th) and final I AM statement continues to declare that He is the I AM GOD of the Hebrew scriptures Who appeared to Moses on Mount Horeb (Sinai, the Mountain of GOD). He takes this final I AM declaration and begins to explain His relationship to GOD, GOD’s relationship to Him, GOD’s relationship to His human creation, Jesus’s relationship to His human creation, and His desired relationship with His human creation.

Through the example of the Vine, representing Himself, Jesus shares that He is the True Vine. Consequently, there are false vines, just as there are bad shepherds where Jesus is the Good Shepherd. False vines claim to be the source of your eternal happiness and teach false doctrines that lead you away from GOD; doctrines that are contrary to the WORD of GOD; doctrines that are contrary to the Testimony of Jesus. Jesus intimates that He provides True doctrines; True sources of faith in GOD’s WORD; in The Faith; in Jesus as LORD and Savior.

Jesus then identifies His Father as the Vinedresser; the One Who tends to the vineyard. The Vinedresser removes from the Vine all branches that are unfruitful, that lack evidence of faith in Jesus as Savior and LORD. This removal is separation from the Vine, the source of Life, and the unfruitful branch withers, dies and is cast into the fire…to lose all hope of being grafted into the Vine, to receive life.

However, the Vinedresser (GOD, Jesus’s Father) repeatedly prunes, “…removes (anything considered superfluous or undesirable),” the fruitful branches so that they can continuously produce more, finer and richer fruit. Jesus shares that these branches remain vitally connected to Him for their uninterrupted source of life, producing a faith in Him, and His WORD that pleases, glorifies and honors GOD.

What about you? Will you choose to abide in, remain vitally connected to Jesus as your LORD and Savior? Are you willing to allow Him to be the source of your faithfulness in Him and His WORD to please our Father GOD? Jesus offers you joy that is “made full, complete and overflowing” in Him. Accept it today.

If so, I pray through the power of the indwelling Spirit of GOD that you are eternally connected with Jesus as you walk with Him today.