Walking with Jesus Today

Who Is Jesus, Really? I AM the Good Shepherd – Lesson 10

Again we see when Jesus expresses His I AM (YHWH) GOD status, He is offering eternal life. The Good Shepherd offers to lay down His life for the sheep in place of the the life of the sheep. On the cross is to what Jesus was alluding. He would sacrifice His own life for the price of our sins to reconcile lost humanity back to GOD, His Father.

Jesus is both the Good Shepherd and the Owner of the sheep. If the Good Shepherd is willing to lay down His own life for the sheep, is not the owner more inclined. The owner is more invested from the return of His ownership.

What joy there is in knowing that Jesus not only is our Good Shepherd, but He is also our Owner, our LORD. That means that as our Owner, we do not determine how we live our lives; our Owner does. Jesus decides what sheepfold (Church) we should attend; how we should live our lives when we are attending Church as well as when we are living outside of the Church. He is our Owner (our LORD).