Walking with Jesus Today

Who Is Jesus, Really? I AM the Door (Part 2 of 2) – Lesson 9

Jesus declares His Deity as the I AM GOD that Moses met at the burning bush; the I AM Who would deliver the Israelites from their Egyptian bondage. It is through Jesus Christ (the I AM GOD) that the Believers in Him receive access to the sheepfold, His Church and receive freedom from their sins as they accept Him as Savior and LORD.

This place of safety (the Church) is also a place of nourishment for the sheep, the people of GOD. Through Jesus, Authorized shepherds minister to the flock, care for the flock by feeding them the best nourishment possible. It is through Jesus that Authorized shepherds protect the sheep from the outside dangers of those (wolves, thieves, robbers) who seek to harm the sheep, to lead them astray; away from the truth of GOD’s WORD.

This sheepfold, GOD’s Church, is the place for the correct interpretation of GOD’s WORD to be taught the people of GOD so they can recognize the voice (the WORDS) of Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, when He speaks. The Authorized shepherds are granted entry into the sheepfold to prepare the sheep, to nourish the sheep and to protect the sheep.

Jesus, as the Door, offers entrance into eternal life. What say you? Will you enter through the Door and accept a life of joy in abundance? Will you unite with a Church where Jesus has Authorized the shepherd there to feed His sheep the WORD of GOD?

My prayer is that you will.