Walking With Jesus Today

Who is Jesus Really? The Son of GOD – Lesson 4

So Who is Jesus, really? There are most who acknowledge that He was a man. Others say that He was a man Who went about doing good things and teaching people to live good lives. Fewer go further and declare Him to be a prophet. Yet, even fewer are willing to believe that Jesus of Nazareth was truly the Son of GOD. The Son of GOD, Who being equal with GOD, came to earth enshrouded in human flesh through the power of GOD’s Spirit and was birthed to the human, woman Mary without a biological, human father. What say you? Who is Jesus, really?

This week we are led by the Spirit of GOD to begin a more in-depth study of what the Bible, The WORD of GOD, has to say on the matter. Come join us as we give authority to the Spirit of GOD in this earthly realm to reveal to us those spiritual things that pertain to GOD Himself; Jesus, His Son.