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God Is In Your Inbox

With a heart for God and a passion for helping others connect with that still small voice within, R Pamela has compiled some of the most moving messages circulated online in recent years. “If it touched my heart, I know it touched someone else’s heart, too,” she says of the messages we have all received in our email inbox from time to time. For R. Pamela, these inspirational messages always seem to find their way into her inbox at the right time — during difficult emotional trials, when facing critical decision-making moments or while reflecting on her next move.

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R. Pamela Adams Alexander is a technology strategist, trainer, speaker, author and the Chief Digital Officer of BizLynks Consulting Group, LLC, an Atlanta-based technology consulting firm.

R. Pamela is also an internet personality and the Executive Producer of BizLynks TV Network, the online video platform of choice for businesses, nonprofits and associations to increase their brand reach and to engage their ideal target clients across social media platforms while establishing themselves as an industry expert and thought leader.