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Don’t Retire to Expire

“Don’t Retire to Expire” will hopefully inspire the reader to think about the lifestyle they will encounter in retirement. We must have a financial plan. We also need plan for our daily lifestyle to keep us active. these are the days that belong to us, let’s use them. What do they have in mind to deal with activities to keep them engaged in staying connected and, therefore, sharing their lives with the world around them. We lose the focus of wanting to still have a purpose in living. Don’t Retire to Expire!

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Bob Bradshaw grew up in New Rochelle, New York. After high school graduation he enlisted in the USAF and for six years and became the father of five children. Returning to civilian life he became a sales manager with various companies. Upon relocating to Atlanta, in 1990, he managed the 1992 presidential campaign of Ross Perot for the stated of Georgia. Bob became a certified life coach as well as being a marketing consultant to the ski industry and writing for various publications. Bob also managed an international import/export company doing business in Nigeria and other African companies.