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Don’t Let Your Dreams Die

Have you ever felt like you were in a stuck place or not making progress toward your goals? In “Don’t Let Your Dreams Die”, Kelvin Thomas presents relevant yet practical information and strategies to assist people in moving from where they are in life to where they dream of being. Each of us has a dream on the inside and a destiny that we wish to reach. “Destiny is like the finish line in a race. It is always ahead of you, but it doesn’t run from you. The more aggressive your pursuit of it the closer you get.”

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Kelvin O. Thomas is an educator, counselor, organizational consultant, author, and motivational speaker. He has spent his life working to improve the educational and social outcomes of children and families. After years of pursuing different paths and working in various educational and community positions, Kelvin finally discovered that his life calling is to work with others to discover their passions and to propel them to pursue their dreams ultimately living out their destiny.