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"Pull the Darn Trigger" by Una Richards placed “On the Bookshelf”

Pull the Darn Trigger

Una is a transformational leader whose goal is to inspire and empower her readers to take deliberate and consistent action in order to experience quantum leap towards their goals and dreams. Her book Pull the Darn Trigger -7 Winning Strategies to Achieving Your Goals is intended to encourage individuals to get past their self-doubts and any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from achieving their goals.

“Don't Let Your Dreams Die” by Kelvin O. Thomas placed “On the Bookshelf”

Don’t Let Your Dreams Die

Have you ever felt like you were in a stuck place or not making progress toward your goals? In “Don’t Let Your Dreams Die”, Kelvin Thomas presents relevant yet practical information and strategies to assist people in moving from where they are in life to where they dream of being.

"Thank God! They moved my Cheese" by John Riley, placed "On the Bookshelf"

Thank God! They Moved My Cheese

In Thank God! They Moved My Cheese, John C. Riley shares his personal story and four key strategies on how he transitioned from an employee to an entrepreneur. John hopes that his story will serve as inspiration and encouragement as you envision a new life for yourself filled with the dreams of your choosing. This book will encourage you to rekindle your dreams and develop a plan for your personal success.

“Makayla Unique and the Yellow Tie Dyed Shirt” by LaDonna Hollis placed “On the Bookshelf”

Makayla Unique and the Yellow Tie Dyed Shirt

Makayla Unique is at her wits end with her mom. Readers will express delight with the unexpected spin in this story.

“African-American Inventions That Changed the World” by Michael Carson placed “On the Bookshelf”

African-American Inventions That Changed the World

A considerable amount of the world’s most influential inventors have been African-American, a fact that is often overlooked. Throughout history, African-Americans inventors have played a pivotal role in creating revolutionary inventions that has impacted our lives in various ways. African-American men and women have left their mark in both American and World History. The incredible inventors mentioned in this book have collectively created over 500 inventions. They represent some of the amazing men and women who have impacted our lives through their intelligence and ingenuity.

"Don't Retire to Expire" by Bob Bradshaw placed “On the Bookshelf”

Don’t Retire to Expire

“Don’t Retire to Expire” will hopefully inspire the reader to think about the lifestyle they will encounter in retirement. We must have a financial plan. We also need plan for our daily lifestyle to keep us active. these are the days that belong to us, let’s use them. What do they have in mind to deal with activities to keep them engaged in staying connected and, therefore, sharing their lives with the world around them. We lose the focus of wanting to still have a purpose in living. Don’t Retire to Expire!

Ronette Clarke Williams, Redefining Rockstar Leadership, on "On the Bookshelf"

Redefining ROCKSTAR Leadership

In this short read, Ronette shares the insights and lessons that she learned when the bright light of her ever climbing “ROCKSTAR” and the immense darkness of her every growing inner misery, collided. For anyone who has been that trusted, sought after, get the job done, “go-to” Leader you know the highs of that “ROCKSTAR” Label. However, there are also the lows. At a point when she seemed to “have it all”, Ronette had to slow it down, put it on pause, reevaluate and shift her mindset, her priorities, her motivations and her “why”.

Moise Michel, Kwame Meets Jackie Robinson, is "On the Bookshelf"

Kwame Meets Jackie Robinson

Kwame invents a watch that teleports him back in time where he meets one of his favorite historical figures (Jackie Robinson); who teaches him a valuable lesson in overcoming challenges despite what people think.

R Pamela Alexander, author of "God is in Your Inbox," on "On the Bookshelf"

God Is In Your Inbox

“God is in Your Inbox” is a compilation of inspirational messages shared through your everyday email. These stories have lasted the test of time because of their positive messages of love, hope and faith.

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