Let’s Talk Nonprofits

Hire, Train, Trust and Delegate

As Founders/Executive Directors we hold our visions so close that we often become fearful at the very thought of someone attempting to fill our shoes and carry out plans/or our babies, so we make excuses as to why we’d rather work alone. We don’t realize that we stifle our organizations growth when we don’t build a team until we become burned out, frustrated, and contemplate giving up. Want to know the quickest way to fulfill your nonprofits vision? HIRE, TRAIN, TRUST AND DELEGATE.

I too have experienced the fear of letting someone take over “my baby” but overcame the fear when I met a very successful business owner that told me the key to growth is building a strong team. On this episode, I am excited to introduce to you Ms. Alayna Sipple who will also soon become YouthNique’s Lead Strategist.