Inspirtional Stories shared through your everyday email

“God is in Your Inbox” includes some of the best stories that have been passed around from email to email over the years. These stories have lasted the test of time because of their positive messages of love, hope and faith.

With a heart for God and a passion for helping others connect with that still small voice within, R Pamela has compiled some of the most moving messages circulated online in recent years. “If it touched my heart, I know it touched someone else’s heart, too,” she says of the messages we have all received in our email inbox from time to time. For R. Pamela, these inspirational messages always seem to find their way into her inbox at the right time — during difficult emotional trials, when facing critical decision-making moments or while reflecting on her next move.

“Pam has created a valuble book that will become a useful tool to anyone believing in a brighter future. This book is power packed and jammed full with inspiration! You will experience a shift in your thinking that will cause your dreams and goals to come alive. My life will never be the same and neither will yours! ”

Chris Gloss

The Possibilitarian

“With warmth and wisdom, Pam has given us spiritual and thought-provoking writings that we often see in our inbox from friends and family. Everyone will want to have a copy of this book to read daily, because the lessons that you learn from the stories are truly powerful!”

Trina Newby

Business Success Coach, Women About Biz

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