The After Care Show

Welcome to The After Care Show

Meca McLendon is the founder and CEO of Amazing Rare Rubies and would like to introduce to you to the new “The Amazing Rare Rubies After Care Show”.

Amazing Rare Rubies is an organization designed to encourage women to become the woman God created them to be. We believe that when we were born, we were given every trait that we need to be an Amazing Rare Ruby; unfortunately, we don’t cultivate those traits like we should.

That is where the Amazing Rare Rubies After Care show comes in. The After Care is the heart of our mission and is designed to help you put into practice; traits, wisdom and knowledge appropriately applicable to your journey.

As your host and personal Ruby cultivator, Meca McLendon is going to not only talk to you about becoming, but also assist you with applying practical application, that will help you start, support, or continue your journey, to becoming the woman you were created to be.

She will discuss in detail the 7 pillars of a Well Rounded Ruby and provide you with After Care Tools, that you will be able to incorporate into your daily life routine.

Remember to keep God in every Decision Made, Lesson Learned and Message Taught.

You are going to have an AMAZING time!